Our first FAVOURITE Friday is here!!!

Today we started things off with our amazing Flashbacks. It was so interesting to see the different depths we all went to. Melinda and Jo went way back with photos from their childhood, and Cheryl and I stayed a bit closer to home with photos from recent seasons that were significant. Make sure to watch the show to see all of our photos!

Now is our second favourite part of Fridays – Fridays are just all around good aren’t they? Today we all shared something a bit different but along the lines of ‘social media’. Here they are listed below, but make sure to tune in to see why these are our favourite. *drum roll please*…

Melinda’s favourite Instagrammer is @momstrugglingwell – Emily Thomas! Go visit her page and give her some love!

Joanna shared her favourite podcast which is the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. If you need to add some encouragement and inspiration to your daily routine, subscribe today!

I couldn’t decide on just one…what else is new? So…I shared two of her favourite blogs:  Charity Craig (formerly The Wounded Dove) & She Loves Magazine. Both sites have so much encouragement and wisdom no matter what kind of day you are facing. Charity Craig, when her blog was titled The Wounded Dove actually gave me my first ‘platform’ by publishing my first official writing.

Cheryl intrigued us all when she shared her favourite book that none of us had heard of yet. As soon as she said the title: A Walk in My Stilettos…we were all sold. It is written by Makini Smith. Watch our show and visit www.awalkinmystilettos.com to find out more.

Kimberley let us in on her favourite worship album. It’s an oldie but a goodie:  WORSHIP: [UP] Unified:Praise Hillsong & Delirious.

What is your favourite media piece, page or subscription? Tag us @seehearlove with hashtag #FavouriteThings