Happy Friday Everyone!

Thank you so much for being a part of our first FULL week of See Hear Love! What a week it’s been!

Make sure you go watch the show to see all of our crazy flashback (#FBF) photos. This time, I promise I did take a bigger risk than last time and flashbacked even further…back when I thought I was a dancer.

This week, we decided to share our favourite pieces of artwork! Have you ever thought of your favourite piece of artwork? It was so interesting for us all to hear each others stories linked to why we picked what we picked. Here is our list:

Melinda chose a picture from her daughter Sophie. It represented the first time Melinda realized they’d be a blended family. It was a pivotal moment in her life when she realized that God had not only blessed her with an amazing man, but with a family.

Joanna made us all a bit envious when she shared about her European adventures and how Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night reminded her of those romantic evenings in France. Joanna has been a bit of a globe trotter and France was where she finished her Masters.

Cheryl’s is a painting that is hanging up in her daughter’s room. It is a whimsical painting of ballerina bunnies she hopes will always remind her daughters to dance through life.

My favourite art is a drawing of a cartoon I had saved on my phone for a long time. My dear friend commissioned her talented artist friend (@tlpapa on instagram) to redraw it with a slight twist making it more ‘Me’ and less cartoonish. The picture is about trusting Jesus and well…it really speaks for itself. It does stay in my room and by my door so I see it before I head out into the world reminding me that surrendering what I have to Him will never leave me without.

That goes for you too! Remember you are always part of a family, never stop adventuring, dance through the good and the hard times holding onto Jesus, and you can  trust Him to never leave you without! Now – go and have GREAT weekend!