As always our Friday started off with some interesting Flashback photos! These ones (unfortunately) aren’t as embarrassing as some of our others have been. We went for meaningful this week…

Joanna – the brains of the group – shows us a picture of herself under a pile of books. She used this picture to announce to her network that she would be going back to school to finish her Master’s. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! That is not an easy task. She admits to having 3 ‘false starts’ before really digging her heels in and getting it done. I, for one, am super proud of her!

Michelle shows us a beautiful photo of her and a local Indian woman. This photo is from her first trip with the Gideons International where she travelled to a place where many pastors have been waiting for TWO YEARS for a bible! This totally blew my mind. I have three bibles in my bedroom alone sitting beside me…and I’ll be honest…I don’t pick them up everyday. This fact gave me a bit of a kick in the butt. Lord, forgive me for often forgetting the value of what I have.

Now – Melinda’s Flashback is where the camels come in. My question has always been, ‘Where do you sit while on the camel? On the hump or in between the humps…?’ I guess now I know. This trip of Melinda’s, was her first to Israel. She shares on the show how this was her first time encountering her Faith in such a real way. She was overcome with awe as she walked where Jesus walked – in real places, because he is a real person. Amazing.

Kim’s #FBF is significant. This was taken during a rough season in her life when things were particularly dark. Her children had been asked to be in a wedding and this photo captures their joy together as a family. How beautiful is it to be reminded that amidst heavy seasons, there can still be joy found in small pockets. We just have to be willing to see them & embrace them!

Cheryl’s photo, although a little bury, is obviously a group of students all hyped up. This was when a dream was birthed in Cheryl’s heart to take her theatre company into highschools. They perform acts that, as Cheryl says, ‘deals with all the ‘heavies’ such as depression, cutting and eating disorders. These are tough ones, but the drama really helps them engage.

What are some of your meaningful flashbacks? Share them with us by tagging @seehearlove and #FlashbackFriday.