Step Into The Middle Space

This Monday we definitely are going to motivate you.

We are honoured to have guest host, Kelly Cameron from International Justice Mission Canada, join us this week. She walks us into the topic of Justice & helps open our eyes to what is happening right around us.

Our verse this #MotivationalMonday is from Isaiah 1:17 – ‘Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.’

This verse calls us into action: learn, seek, help, defend, fight. Kelly encourages us to look at the person of Jesus & to live out his example. Justice is not something that is just going to happen on its own. This is something God calls us to do out of action, not just pray that justice will happen. There are so many victims of the sex trade in present day and age.

Now the question is how do we make a difference? We all ask this question when our heart strings get tugged. Kelly’s question back to us is, ‘What’s in your hand and who’s in your circle?’ Seeking justice puts yourself between the Oppressed & the Oppressor. If we all did this, change would happen. To step into the middle space – it requires something of you…a step. So join us for the rest of this week as we get motivated to take a step together & seek justice.

Let’s make this week one of learning to walk out our justice journey & stepping into the middle space.