Seven Steps to Genuinely Forigive Your Offender from Dr. Tat-Ying Wong of the Grace Health Centre

  1. Acknowledge the Hurt (how you were hurt)
  2. Acknowledge your feelings and consequences of this hurt
  3. Discover the cause of the hurt
    1. Unmet needs
    2. Broken expectations
    3. Violated rights
    4. Boundary intrusions
    5. Broken rules
    6. Negative thoughts
    7. Distorted unhealthy beliefs
    8. Value and priority conflicts
    9. Unhealthy attitudes
    10. Unhelpful perspective
  4. DEAL and RESOLVE the cause of the hurt
  5. DECIDE to forgive (decision of the will)
  6. Offer forgiveness
  7. Experience POSSIBLE consequences of Forgiveness                                                                                  

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