My Canada by Elizabeth Allison

Hi there! This is my first time blogging for See Hear Love, although I have been behind the scenes with the show for a while. I’m excited to share some of my love for Canada with you!

There are abundant reasons to love Canada. One of my favourite reasons is the beauty within the diverse landscapes and seasons of this country. From the west to east coast, the north to the south, there is so much awe inspiring creation to behold. Rushing waters, misty mountaintops, cascading valleys, and wind blown crops across prairie lands. Beautiful snow white winters, scorching hot July’s, colour-changing falls, and revitalizing springs.  We get the best of the best, every season! I feel so overwhelmed when I think of the diversity in the natural land and how it reflects our people. We were created for this abundant kind of living! I love that Canada is a home to so much diversity, both naturally and with people.

My favourite Canadian is the ‘Canadian entrepreneur’. I love that Canada has a strong stance on valuing people who pave a unique path for life within Canada. There is a flexibility in our economy and culture that allows people to actually do what’s in their heart to do, and not necessarily follow a typical career path. There are many programs and financial grants that support start up businesses within Canada. What a privilege to be in a country that supports unique and passionate careers that make people come alive!

Lastly, I want to share about my favourite place in Canada. I am biased about it, but it’s where I grew up. The renown Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. We are home to Niagara Falls with its majestic waters of 6 million cubic feet pouring over a whopping 160 feet drop per minute… it’s hard not to feel moved when watching the water flow. Niagara is also known for its major wine producing area named the Niagara Peninsula. Visually stunning vineyards and wineries all across the area, with fantastic fruit farms in-between. Finally, you have the peaceful waters of Lake Ontario, situated in the center of it all. On a clear day, you can see Toronto across the water when in Niagara.  If you are ever looking for a road trip idea within Canada, the Niagara Region is a bucket list place to go!

Happy 150th Birthday Canada, I love you!

Elizabeth Allison is our See Hear Love Production Assistant. And SHE ROCKS!