Holy Week

Bruxy Cavey has been a friend and mentor to me for over ten years now. That’s a looong time.

I am so proud of what he has accomplished (two books, a growing church in Canada, many conversations with scholars and unbelievers about Jesus …) and yet, he remains humble, unassuming, hilarious and gracious .. and yes, very, very smart.

So, when I was booking guest(s) for our Easter show(s), I KNEW that I needed to get Bruxy to sit with us at the kitchen table and share his thoughts on:

Did Easter really happen? Did Jesus really exist? If so, why should we follow him? What difference does He really make in our everyday lives? How do you communicate the Easter message to Millennials? Gen Z’s? Gen X’ers? And when you realize and believe the ‘Truth’ about Easter, how should you then live? What are take-aways as we go into this Easter weekend? How should we live AFTER the Easter weekend?

So many questions. So little time.

But, Bruxy inspires and challenges us, just as he does  …

It’s Jesus. It’s love. It’s not power,  but laying His power and life down for us.

This week I hope you give Jesus a chance. Or a second chance.

I hope our conversations this week will encourage you to meet Jesus again. Listen to His story. Listen to what He did on the Cross for you and for me. Listen to His motivation – His motivation of love for you and for me.

Listen again.

I pray that you will reflect on His life, on His death and His resurrection

And you will hear Him say ‘I see you, I have heard you, and I will always love you.