Canadian Fun Facts 

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday this year on July 1st and all of this week we will be celebrating our beautiful country. There are so many great things about this amazing nation to SEE, HEAR, and LOVE, so we’ve decided to highlight a few FUN FACTS: 


·      Canadians are known for their incredible politeness. If we can’t SEE you coming and bump into you, you will likely received an apology. A study at Queen’s University found that over 90% of people aged 18-25 will say “sorry” if they bump into someone.  Isn’t that nice!

·      One thing you won’t SEE in Canada is a lot of smog. We have some of the cleanest air on the planet.


·      HEAR those jungle bells up on the rooftop on Christmas Eve? Despite what other countries may claim, Santa Claus lives in Canada. And if you write a letter to him at Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H0H0, Canada, you will get a reply sent back to you!

·      When you are in Canada, you may HEAR a lot of different words. Here we talk about double-doubles (coffee with two creams and two sugars), tuques (knitted winter hats), toboggans (wooded sleds), loonies (one dollar coins) and the letter Z (pronounced zed, not zee.) 


·      Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world, combined! That makes for a lot of fun weekends fishing, boating. and lounging on the dock, which we LOVE to do.

·      Canadians invented Hawaiian pizza and basketball! Hawaiian pizza was developed in Chatham, Ontario in 1962 by Sam Panopoulos. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. So if you LOVE eating pizza while watching the NBA, you have Canadians to thank!

·      Parts of Canada have less gravity than elsewhere on the planet, which means – wait for it, ladies – we weigh less here. OK, it’s only a 10th of an ounce, but still…how much do we LOVE that!

·      When TV wants someone to save the world, they LOVE to choose Canadian Keifer Sutherland! Keifer’s grandfather just happens to be Tommy Douglas, the founder of Canada’s amazing healthcare plan that is the envy of much of the world!

Canada is the home of hockey, maple syrup, and peameal bacon, and is a country filled with diversity and inclusiveness. We have a reputation around the globe as peacemakers who provide refuge to those in need. In the early 1900s, Michigan writer James Oliver Curwood described Canada as “God’s Country” and at See Hear Love, we could not agree more.

Happy 150th birthday, Canada!