Abby is a recent West Coast transplant to the giant province of Ontario. Born and raised in Langley, BC, she is the youngest of three girls and daughter to successful business-minded parents, Jamey and Sharon. Her sisters have blessed her by giving her the ‘Auntie’ role 5 times over now – her favourite role to play.

After high school, Abby started working at her home church, Christian Life Assembly in various capacities alongside taking business courses at Kwantlen University. She started in Children’s Ministry Administration, and moved into Care Ministries as a Pastoral Assistant. Here she began working with premarital couples and helping to coordinate the weddings and funerals hosted at the church. This experience pushed her to begin her own wedding & event planning business in 2010.

Following 4 successful year of planning and coordinating various events, Abby found herself in a major season of transition. She was offered an exciting job as Tour Coordinator for the Watoto Children’s Choir. She decided to take the opportunity and move out of her comfort zone to Victoria, BC. It was here she quickly learned that she had inherited her dad’s networking skills.

It didn’t take long to build new relationships and a new life on Vancouver Island. Working for Watoto gave her the opportunity to travel domestically, network with pastors and churches across the country and gain new friends in Uganda, Africa. When the Victoria office closed down in 2016 for the purpose of relocating, Abby found herself with an opportunity to move across the country and no reason not to go on an adventure!

Residing in Toronto, she uses her time to meet new people, hear their stories, and build relationships wherever she goes. While working as an Executive Assistant, she is a part of the beautiful network that is Gather Women. Gather allows her to use her event planning and networking skills to build His Kingdom through the connecting of the Canadian Woman. It was this connection that led her to Melinda Estabrooks who opened to door for her to be a part of See, Hear, Love.

Through the last few seasons of life, God gave Abby a passion for writing and sharing her story for the purpose of helping others. In 2016, she started her blog, She desires to use this platform to share lessons she learns as she continues to journey into The Unknown. Her life has not gone according to her plan and looks much different than she expected, but she believes that God has huge purpose in it all. He promised that her pain would not be wasted.

In her words:

‘My heart is for all women – especially those struggling in relationship. You are never alone. Men may disappoint, but our God never will. Remain in His love and know that you are so cherished and desired by Him alone. He will meet you in your yucky and just hold you there, covering you with peace and His hope that the best is yet to come!’

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