Hey everyone, I’m Laura! I’m so excited to be guest-blogging for See Hear Love, and as a blogger and DIYer myself over at wellingtonandgrey.com, it was a pleasure to put together a craft idea that went with the theme on See Hear Love this month, Loving Others. 

February can be a difficult time for some people and it can be a little hard and isolating for some that may actually be feeling lonely. Let’s change that, ok?? What I’m suggesting you do is get together with your girlfriends or maybe you have kids at home who would love to get crafting… put together some LOVE BASKETS for someone who could really use a little extra love this month. I have three ideas of what you could put in your Love Baskets, and some ideas of people who would love to receive them!

There are really cute tags right here (PDF attached) for you to download (yay for free printables!) and you can attach one to your Love Basket!

Basket 1: Hot Chocolate Basket

This basket would put a smile on anyone’s face, but I had in mind an elderly neighbour that doesn’t get out much and would love a visitor, OR maybe some newcomers to Canada. This basket could welcome them to your neighbourhood! Maybe you’ll even get invited over for a cup of hot chocolate!

Here are some ideas of what the basket could have:

– mugs

– hot chocolate mix

– sprinkles

– marshmallows

– chocolates

– cookies

– and don’t forget the tag, “You are Loved!”

Basket 2: Kids Basket 

I love the idea of making a bunch of these baskets, and then donating them to a seniors home or long term care facility in your neighbourhood. It’s often hard for residents of these homes to have access to stores on a regular basis, especially if they have mobility issues. But these seniors absolutely love when their grandkids come for a visit! This basket will ensure that the kids have some fun activities while they’re visiting their grandparents. 

Here are some ideas of what the basket could have:

– crayons

– notepads

– stickers

– puzzles

– games

– playdough

– and of course the tag, “You are Loved!”

Basket 3: Toiletries Basket

I think seniors homes would be happy to receive these baskets, but who I really have in mind for this basket are women using shelters. I encourage you to find out if there’s a shelter in your neighbourhood and what kind of items they are looking for. There’s a shelter in my community, and on their website, they list items like the ones I’ve put in this basket. The reason is because unfortunately women are fleeing dangerous situations and don’t always have time to pack essential items. Take some time to put together a basket like this, and make a huge difference for someone who really needs a message of love right now.

Here are some ideas of what the basket could have:

– toothbrush

– toothpaste

– soap

– shampoo

– hair elastics

– brush

– the label, “You are Loved” (this will be such a welcoming reminder to the recipient of this basket; that someone is thinking of them, praying for them and that they aren’t alone)

Jar of Chocolates 

In each of the 3 Love Baskets, I’ve included a jar of chocolates, because… who doesn’t love chocolates?! Here’s how to put together a really cute jar:



– hole punch

– jar with lid (available at dollar stores, or Mason jars are available at grocery stores)

– chocolates

– paper doilies

– decorative string

– the tags from your printable PDF (download HERE if you haven’t already)

Step 1: cut out your gift tags.

Step 2: Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top left corner.

 Step 3: put your chocolates in the jar. Fill it to the top!

Step 4: Take your doily and place it on top of the jar.  Put the lid on top, and turn it just enough to secure the doily underneath.

Step 5: Tie your decorative string, along with the gift tag, around the lid of the jar.

I hope you enjoyed crafting with me today. Have an awesome time putting together your Love Baskets! Share with us who you made them for; we’d love to hear about it.  Happy Love month, everyone!