When I think about this crazy journey called life, I can honestly say there are only two things that I trust with my entire being. One is ANYTHING that has to do with God, the Father. He is a sure foundation that I can build my life upon. The other is FAMILY.

Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some setbacks & disappointments too along with way. However, my family has become my greatest source of strength & encouragement. We are each other’s cheerleaders, teachers, prayer partners & best friends.  The running joke, by those that know us, is that we’re the ‘new Huxtables’ -which I would love even more if I could just get Claire Huxtable’s hair, lolol. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that our spouses & families are our greatest blessings.

It was just recently during our ‘love God, love others’ series, with special guest Brooke Nicholls, that I was reminded just how impactful the institution of family is on us all. Across the table, in our See Hear Love kitchen, we shared openly of our experiences with one another.  One of the resonating truths that surfaced was that a good or bad family environment can shape who we are for our entire lives.

The truth is we don’t get to choose our family, they are God’s assigned gift to us to steward, with His guidance. We try our very best to get it right but, unfortunately, there are times that we do get it wrong. And in those moments of mistakes & wrong decisions, there is much Grace.  It is our prayer that this series, particularly this episode would inspire you all to dig deeper in your marriages & families as you are reminded of God’s call to love others & be other centred. We love you & are always praying for you as you grow, love & learn together. Lastly, remember that family is like music…there will be some high notes along the way & some low notes…but it is always a BEAUTIFUL SONG.