At World Vision Canada, we recently launched Village2Village. It’s a new way for donors to connect with communities by means of pooled funding, allowing eight communities in six countries to turn their goals into reality.

This got me thinking of the idea of community. The power of people.

I’ve been blessed in my life to have been surrounded by amazing people, I have an amazing family, great friends, and wonderful co-workers. I’ve also played various sports for almost 20 years now, and this has surrounded me with the most amazing community.

I grew up playing many different sports, but by the time post-secondary education came along, I had settled on college volleyball.

I sometimes wonder whether the community spirit grows from the fact that we’re all playing for the same team.  But I’ve come to realize it’s so much more than that. The power of the people I have met along the way has influenced my life profoundly. Just a few examples:

  • The alumni who came before me taught me the power of hard work and patience, the importance of humbly learning from those who’ve lead the way.
  • My coaches taught me the power of accountability. To be in control of my destiny, I have to be ready to work for it.
  • The athletic staff at my college taught me the power of support, showing me what I could accomplish with the right people behind me.
  • My teammates taught me the power of loyalty, of always being there for one another, and of sticking together no matter what to get the job done.
  • Finally, the girls I’ve coached (and still coach) have taught me the power of personal influence, and the impact I can have on someone’s life.

There aren’t many situations I come across in my life where these lessons can’t be applied. Life will always have its struggles, and I definitely still have weaknesses. But the people I have met along the way, and the lessons I’ve learned have given me the power to navigate through.

My community has my back.

Rachel Joy is the New Product Development Coordinator at World Vision Canada. Rachel is channeling her skills and passion within an organization of like-minded people. Best of all, she’s using her gifts to help achieve victory over poverty.