Lord, from the outside it looks like everyone’s lives are put together and mine is the only one falling apart.

Jesus, help me to honour what I have been given, to cease comparing and give my attention to the people you have given me to love. Let me stop worrying about the rest.

Holy Spirit, breathe into these dry bones and let them live. Give me courage to let my outsides match my insides and give me wisdom and discipline to spend my time well. After all, these hours and my life are yours.

Father, help me to lift my head and see what is really happening around me. Give me grace to see myself as I am. Remind me again that I am your Beloved and that no outward approval is worth the cost of my soul.

Spirit of God, I love you. Help me to remember that the Internet is just people, that my neighbourhood is just people, that my church and home are just people — your people.

Jesus, I am yours. Wherever I am, let my life tell this story in all of its mess and glory.


Christina Crook the award-winning author of The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, which has established her as a leading voice on human flourishing in a digital age.