Looking For The Gold

I was definitely encouraged this week with our time with Tim <insert Melinda’s giggle and exclamation: ‘time with Tim! I like that!>

What I really learned, though, is that a lot of the ‘issues’ of our world, specifically dealing with racism, have to do with perspectives. As soon as Tim shared the idea that ‘we were missing out’ if we did not allow ourselves to accept other cultures, ideas & traditions, it was an ‘Ah-ha’ moment for me. As Cheryl so beautifully put, we are missing out on the richness of The Kingdom if we don’t actively surround ourselves with those that are different from us. We are all made in God’s image. That alone makes me want to produce gatherings with great diversity—seeking out the gold from other cultures.

Wrapping up our week, we shared our flashbacks as usual and our favourite teachers! In line with this ‘seeking out the gold’ theme, I want to take a minute to speak to our teachers. While I was watching this episode back, it really amazed me how much of an impact these individuals all had on our lives. My times with those P(physical)E(education) teachers I mentioned were some of the richest times of my high school years.

Before we were anybody or had anything to offer, these teachers saw our potential and our value. They saw gold in us worth pulling out and mentored us, pouring into our lives. We are all better for their investment & our lives are richer.

To the teachers, the mentors, the influencers—thank you.

Now let’s go out into our world looking for the richness of The Kingdom in the diversity around us, and encouraging the gold out of the next generation.