There’s something special about getting a card… receiving a beautiful, heartfelt message written on paper. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on any day, good or bad. In those moments when you could use a little extra encouragement, receiving a little note of appreciation can the highlight of the whole day. And when you’re feeling on top of the world, that’s the moment to be looking around at who around you needs to hear that she is loved.

And honestly, who doesn’t love stationery? Put a cute design on card stock and we’re heart-eyes over it. When that card is discovered slipped under a stack of bills, or tucked into a sweet-smelling bouquet, it speaks volumes. It says, “I care.”

That’s really the message of the expressions card program. It’s a card with a cause—to give hope, and give hope again.

Here’s how it works. Expressions cards are free to order, and you choose your donation. Every three dollars supplies a copy of God’s Word to send to someone around the world.

Cards are one of those things we find ourselves buying on a regular basis (and they can get expensive!). With these cards, you put that money towards something you can get behind, something you’re passionate about, something that can change a person’s life.

Because God’s Word can do that! When people open the pages of the Bible and read about the kindness and goodness of their heavenly Father, and how Jesus poured out His love for them… that revelation can change everything for someone!

The gospel can lift someone out of depression, when they realize the matchless joy that comes from knowing they are saved by grace. After years of battling addictions, people receive the gospel and are set free! Past hurts, bitterness, and scars are healed by the perfect love of Jesus. And the best part—they begin a relationship forever with Christ.

 So, this is your invitation to become an evangelist.

 If you just mentally responded with an emphatic nope!—hold on. I’m not saying you have to become a traveling minister (but if you are, power to you!) or preach your faith from the mountaintops. But if you have Christ in you, that’s all you need to be qualified to share your faith with others.

 This is just about as easy as it gets. Giving a card gives God’s Word, as many copies as you’d like. Each one is a seed that has the potential to multiply.

 Take what’s happening in Russia for example. Years ago, Bibles were given away in remote locations across the country. Today, where each one of those Bibles was placed, there is now a church. As people gathered together to read God’s Word, those gatherings grew and grew until they no longer fit into a home, so they built a church. That Word is spreading as they continue to share it, and the ripple effect of those gifts carries on.

 And honestly, how fun is it to give a card? Especially this one designed for all you girls watching/reading SeeHearLove, the “You’re Wonderful” card. Nothing says “you’re wonderful” like pink watercolour, am I right? It’s a cute little thing, but it can pack a punch and take you from feeling lousy to lighthearted.

My hope is that women all over the nation would be encouraged by this card as we give it out to the ladies in our lives. Mothers, daughters, sisters, coworkers, neighbours, #WCWs—tell a girl she’s wonderful today!

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