I met author, Mary DeMuth, a few months ago as she was a special guest on my podcast, Your Story With Melinda. She was smart, funny, engaging and very honest. I really liked her. She’s the kind of woman that you could sit on the couch with and chat, in your torn/ugly pajama’s, about life and love without any kind of  judgement. And when you’re done chatting .. and you decide to sleep or do nothing.. I know she would be totally okay with it. I really liked her and so I signed up for her email news letter ‘thingy.’

I’m so glad I did.

Because just yesterday, I received this PRAYER in my inbox.

Now I know that it’s not a prayer JUST FOR ME from Mary .. but I actually believe it IS for me (and for some of you!) in a week that has been exciting and exhausting and emotional.

So, I hope Mary’s prayer encourages you too as you finish up your week and look ahead to the weekend. See you Monday! xo


Mind if I pray for you?

Dear Jesus,

I pray for {Melinda} that You would draw near in this little moment. Open our eyes to what You are doing. Sometimes it’s hard when we’re trying to faithfully walk with and for You, but life seems to sideswipe us. We so want to know Your presence in the midst of the storms, when our story is confusing and unclear. Expand our hearts today, Lord, to receive more and more of Your love. Give us the ability to forgive those who blatantly wronged us. Help us forgive those who have no idea they’ve wronged us. Help us revel in the sheer joy of knowing You have utterly forgiven us. Help us walk today with trust and hope, believing in Your care for us. Would You please come near? Would You tangibly give us displays of Your presence today in our relationships, our homes, our stresses big and small. Oh how we love You! Oh how we need You! Thank You that we don’t have to have life put together perfectly for You to love us. Thank You that You actually do Your best work in our frailty. Thank You that You are holy, and powerful, and bigger than anything we face. Please expand Your kingdom through us. We humbly thank You for choosing folks like us to do Your work, using the foolish to shame the wise. We are overcome by Your work in and through us. Thank You that there are no “washed up” saints, that today can be a brand new start. The old is gone; the new awaits. AMEN.