Inauguration Day

Task: Watch raw cut version of See, Hear, Love episode 17, Good Friday and write a blog on it.

Me: Watch episode…start typing…

‘Wow’. It’s all I’ve got. I want to submit a blog post with just that word. *sip coffee* …’Wow. Wow. Wow.’

I mean, I was there for the filming of this…and I do remember it being one of my favourite weeks of filming, but watching it back reminded me why. Bruxy explains Good Friday in a way that is so simplistic, yet so profound that I feel kind of silly I haven’t managed to piece together those words myself.  And when he does…’Wow!’

*Upside down Kingdom ~ Good Friday = Inauguration Day ~ Jesus came as the gender of power in order to show how to lay it down…*

All the above are things Bruxy Cavey says, where, if you could see what happened in me each time, you’d see a giant explosion right in my core – in my understanding. At the end of the explosion fireworks would be little ‘wow’s…like something you’d see in Looney Toons. Each explosion would increase the crack forming in my heart and allowing the contents of tears over my love for Jesus to spill out.

This leads me to this fact: I want people to know. I want them to know Jesus. Not because I want to prove ‘I am right’ or ‘my religion is the best one’ or ‘you’re lost and I have the answers’ or ‘my church is the best church’. Whether we admit it or not, those are usually the motives behind Christians sharing their Faith. Actually let me speak just for me: It’s something that I think is a byproduct of growing up in Church. As a kid, I was encouraged to tell people about Jesus…almost as a way of ‘gaining more members into our club.’

Of course, as I have grown up, life has hit & my faith has become my own, Jesus has become my personal friend. I will admit, however, that in the back of my mind, there has still been the idea of ‘winning souls’ for the purpose of ‘gaining numbers.’ O, Lord, forgive me.

Today it changed. I want you to know Jesus so YOU CAN KNOW JESUS! He is so amazing. Bruxy put it perfectly in today’s episode when he explains:

‘When you’ve been hurt, even by religious institutions, and you talk to Jesus, he says, ‘I get you. They hurt me too. My friends deserted me, they betrayed me. I even know what it’s like to ask, ‘God, where are you?’ I get you. I’ve suffered along with you.’

We’re talking to the God who really gets us when we are filled with grief, filled with sorrow, feel all alone and even when we ask, ‘God where are you?’ This is someone I can build an encouraging relationship with…God is really with us, on our side.’

Jesus gets you! He knows your pain. He came as a King but rode in on a gentle donkey to proclaim His Kingdom is one of peace. He laid down His life for you, feeling all of the betrayal & pain that comes along with that. As He did it, He took His place as King of Peace so that you would have someone who you can run to, who relates to you, who knows you, who came to serve – and who has SO much for you. A King who simply wants to love you.

Because of this, I want you to know Him for yourself. He is so amazing.

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