JOIN US for our VERY Special March See Hear Love Podcast series, “Amazing Women Who We Love, Making A Difference In The World” featuring WOMEN who are HERE FOR IT ALL!

Social justice advocates, ministry leaders, pastors, influencers, international speakers, content creators, TV Hosts, podcasters, authors, social entrepreneurs, global health professionals, coaches, executive directors, moms, sisters, friends .. and so much more! Thank you for your presence with us! We love you!

These incredible women lend their voices, stories and expertise as they share how they #breakthebias, how they lead their teams and themselves well, how they confront injustice and inequality, how they choose self-care and priorities, how they make space for their neighbours and the marginalized, how they mentor the next generation, how they show up as their authentic selves, how they live with the ‘imposter syndrome,’ how they train newcomers in practical skills in the workplace, how they have overcome challenges and bias, how they celebrate their wins, how they have learned from women in the Bible how to live and lead with passion and purpose, how they love and follow Jesus well.

This series celebrates our sisters.
This series inspires us to never give up.
This series encourages us that there is still more work to be done to end gender bias, racism and prejudice.
This series leads us toward Jesus and love.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey of discovery, storytelling and learning with some AMAZING WOMEN!