Note: This program includes discussion of disordered eating. Viewers that are struggling with these topics may want to be cautious in joining this conversation

Host Melinda Estabrooks is joined by a panel of guests who have each struggled with eating disorders in a different way: Nikki Fletcher (Mom of 2 who struggles with Anorexia), Jermaine Downey (Retired Army Captain who struggles with Bulimia), Shannon Binkley (Grade 3 Teacher who struggles with anorexia) and Trish Nicholls-Powell (our See Hear Love Guesting Producer who struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 20+ years).

Join us for an honest and courageous panel discussion about their journey with eating disorders. Plus, learn what NOT to do or say to someone with an eating disorder AND effective and kind ways to be supportive. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, you are not alone. visit (Canada) or (USA) to find assistance.