This week on See Hear Love we have a GREAT show with panelists Senait, Nicole, Brooke and Tryphena about ‘not feeling guilty when your kids are not following Jesus and how to share your faith effectively with your kids at every age!’   We talk about:  -Some of the struggles and challenges we’re facing while sharing Jesus and our faith with our kids.  -How do we share our faith naturally and what are healthy ways we are ‘living out’ and ‘sharing’ our Faith with your kids?  – Our advice to friends who feel gutted, shame, worry, embarrassment – all the things – because their teenage kids and young adult kids have chosen not to follow Jesus and have regrets that they didn’t do more. Our thoughts and advice to them.   -Our personal stories of leaving our Faith and how and why we came back to Jesus. (Think Prodigal Daughters!)

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