In this episode rerun Host Melinda listens and learns from some of the BEST Leadership Coaches and Experts around on HOW to LEAD WELL in this difficult and challenging time that we’re facing today.

Learn how to lead YOURSELF and TEAM well with insights from Sue Wigston (CEO, Givesome) and Shaila Visser (National Director, Alpha Canada).

Learn the three key phases of leadership and how to be a people person from Chad Veach, LA Pastor and Author of Help, I Work With People.

Learn that IMPOSTER SYNDROME is keeping many women back from leading and how to overcome the lies with Leadership Coach, Author and Speaker, Jo Saxton.

And Co-Host Joanna la Fleur gives a strong Good Word to leaders to stop living a secret life and to start working on your character and integrity. A powerful show for anyone who is leading and needs some inspiration and encouragement!