On this See Hear Love episode, our formidable Men’s Panel with co-host Matt Vincent and panel contributors Art Kung, Chris Chase and Good Word contributor Chris Orme share what it means to be an INTENTIONAL & PRESENT Father. Their conversation is honest about their struggles in parenting, the expectations they put on themselves, the best parts of being a dad and how Jesus informs how they love their kids.

We also have a VERY special guest joining us on this episode. JON TYSON, (Author & Pastor of Church of the City New York ) shares about his latest book The Intentional Father (how to be present and lead your teenage kids toward healthy adulthood) AND he encourages ministry leaders to choose the long game ..and not get burnt out trying to react to the pandemic in the short term.

It’s a great show that needs to be shared with as many dads AND parents who need encouragement today.