With the rise in verbal abuse, online harassment and physical attacks against Asian Canadians and Asian Americans since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic .. our See Hear Love Team thought it was important for myself as a Filipino-Canadian and Host of this show, to use my voice and platform to speak up and against the anti-Asian racism that has been increasing this year. We also thought it would be important to listen to other Asian-Canadians share their truth and experiences and action steps.

Here are our special guests:

Alyssa Esparaz is Chinese-Filipino-Canadian and the daughter of immigrants to Canada who has spent much of her youth wrestling with, and more recently, embracing her Asian-Canadian identity.

Frances Kim is a second-generation Korean-Canadian born and currently lives in a multi-generational home shared with her husband, 2 young children, dad and step-mom.

Timothy Li-Hui Tang is a second-generation Chinese Canadian whose parents came as international students from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Rev. Lisa Pak is a second-generation Korean-Canadian, her parents are from Korea, immigrating in the late 1970s.

Dr. Merry C. Lin – Born in Taipei, Taiwan (both parents were also born there), immigrated to Canada when she was 1 ½ years old in 1967.

THIS webinar-turned-show is a moment TOGETHER TO LISTEN, LEARN, LEAN IN .. and to ACT.