It’s been a hard year. We have suffered great loss and change.
We have grieved … and we are still grieving today.
This show is for those who are grieving – we are with you.

Join Host Melinda as she sits down with a panel of guests to listen to their honest and courageous stories of loss and grief. Co-Host Cheryl Nembhard (speaker, filmmaker, author, podcaster), Jenn Lawrence (divorce coach & author), Co-Host Joanna  la Fleur (digital consultant, podcaster, speaker) and Mei Freeman (Educator in South Korea) share their stories of loss –  of their parents, their marriages, their friends, their dreams and their freedoms. These brave guests share what grief has looked like in their lives and how they’ve grieved well … or not so well AND they share encouragement for those who are grieving today. Melinda is also joined by Aubrey Sampson (Author & Pastor) who shares her journey of loss and grief explains the practice of lament – what it is, why it’s important and how we lament well in this challenging year.