Making Space for Fun & Good Decision Making .. because we’re having trouble doing both!


Join Host Melinda as she sits down with two amazing women who are making things happen and helping us make space for FUN and right decision making!


-Author, Speaker & Podcaster, Annie F. Downs shares why we need to make space to have more FUN in our lives and HOW to do it. Because, it seems like many of us just don’t have fun!? She also says that JESUS was a fun guy too … and we LOVE to hear that!

Watch Annie’s full interview Here

-Author & Speaker, Emily P. Freeman shares WHY we have such a hard time making decisions (chronic hesitation, fatigue, overwhelmed by decisions, always regret the decisions we DO make) and HOW we can make space to make right decisions in love and healthy decisions for our lives.

Watch Emily’s full interview Here

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