Overview of the Show

Michelle Peters is such a fascinating woman. Twenty two moves?!?! If you don’t know what we’re talking about – go back and watch the show first.

I was watching from the sidelines for these tapings and I have to admit, my jaw dropped after hearing this. I’ve just accomplished my fourth move and pretty sure I’ve decided to never do it again. My thoughts go automatically to, ‘You must not have a lot of stuff you’re attached to…’ but, of course, what about people? Michelle shares with us how she learned a language of protection & surface depth in her relationships because she would always end up leaving them.

Think about that? Moving around so much that you really never get to put down roots. Then, suddenly, she finds herself married with two dogs and Bam! Commitment. Michelle shared with us how she had to learn how to decipher her own language and learn how to exist in a relationship as God wants us to as opposed to how she knows to.

Any one of you that has been in a significant relationship will understand that friction that comes from wanting to co-exist in a relationship concerned only for self. It’s a difficult adjustment to lay down our own needs and expand our views to realize there are others we need consider too.

We are going to be asking each of our guests what See, Hear, Love means in their context. Michelle was the first guest to be put on the spot so we asked her, what do these words mean in your work with The Gideons, as a wife, and generally.

See – The Gideons produces a scripture magazine which essentially creates the bible in a visual tool geared toward different cultures making the Word relevant to them. How cool is that?

Hear – Every morning at the Gideons, Michelle mentioned that they do devotions. These are the times they hear the stories that come in on a daily basis of people’s lives being changed by the Gideons bible. This is what gives her the greatest joy in her day.

Love – The entire basis of Gideon’s is to share of love of Christ through the spreading of the Gospel. Love envelopes all they do, every program they run, every member they have. It goes without saying that one cannot receive the Gospel without receiving God’s love.

And … Michelle even presented us with our VERY OWN See Hear Love greeting card. Now THAT’S a good day!!  #YoureWonderful