This week on See Hear Love, as we prepare for Good Friday and Easter, we focus on the suffering of Jesus, His crucifixion and how living through this season of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many of us – through our own suffering – closer to His suffering and closer to HIM .. more than ever before. Host Melinda Estabrooks is joined by four pastors:

Elle Pyke – Founding Member of The New Leaf Church Planting Network and a Lay Minister with the Free Methodist Church of Canada

Chris Chase – Lead Pastor of the Meeting House Newmarket and an ordained minister with over 18 years of experience in pastoral ministry

Kaarina Hseih –Lead Pastor of Parkway Forest Community Church, a diverse, multi-cultural church community in Toronto with over 25 years in pastoral ministry

Jenn Burnett – Lead Pastor at The Well Church in Kelowna, British Columbia who has ministered in Ontario & Australia in a variety of contexts As they answer the question “As we approach Good Friday and Easter and we acknowledge the suffering that we and many have experienced this year during the pandemic, how does the suffering of Christ speak to you differently this year than previous? Or does it?” Our special guests also share their most hilarious moments at the pulpit AND the most hilarious responses that they have received when they introduced themselves as pastors. Suffering and joy/laughter, a healthy combination as we head into Good Friday and Easter.