This show was birthed out of many personal and tear-filled conversations that our Host Melinda has had with her very close friends who have struggled with deep grief, loneliness, isolation, failure, shame, physical/emotional/spiritual pain and embarrassment in their journey through infertility.

 Our hope for this show, is that it will help BREAK THE SHAME & ISOLATION OF INFERTILITY .. and that couples who are going through this today will know that they are NOT ALONE, that they no longer need to hide in shame. They are enough. They are not broken.

Today you’re going to meet 3 different people who will share their brave infertility stories:

-Sheridan Voysey is an author  speaker and radio broadcaster in the United Kingdom. Sheridan and his wife, Merryn, after they were unable to conceive, tried healing prayer, natural remedies, IVF and explored adoption. 10 years in, his wife did get pregnant but it was unsuccessful. Currently they do not have any children.


Reverend Dr. Stacey Edwards Dunn is an ordained minister, fertility coach, counselor and writer. She’s also the Executive Minister of Community Engagement and Transformation at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago and the Founder of a national organization, Fertility for Colored Girls. Stacey did seven cycles of IVF before getting pregnant with her daughter, Shiloh in 2014. Today, Stacey talks with us about what it means to be a Black woman struggling with infertility and WHY she launched her national organization.


Charmaine Balmer is married to Mark, who is a pastor, and they struggled with infertility for four years before deciding to adopt, domestically. After adopting, they got pregnant with two children, a son and daughter and then later, chose to adopt 2 children from Ghana, Africa. They currently have eight children! Today, Charmaine shares her story of grief and her difficult relationship with God through her infertility journey.