Why Jesus? Join Host Melinda as she asks these FIVE diverse guests who are authors, pastors, entrepreneurs, farmers and podcasters – WHY they follow Jesus. Jen Hatmaker (New York Times Bestselling Author, Podcaster & Speaker) Because He gives us courage to stand up against injustice. Because He sits with us in our sorrow. Because He’s a rebel! Ken Shigematsu (Senior Pastor, Tenth Church Vancouver) Because He is our constant friend and companion. Because He is mystical and always present. Liz Forkin Bohannon (Founder, Sseko Designs -An Ethical Fashion Brand) Because He sees the value in every person. Jason Brown (Left a $35 million NFL contract to become a Farmer) Because He gives NEW meaning to life. Sarah Bessey (New York Time Bestselling Author & Co-Creator of Evolving Faith)Because He embodies and leads us toward the Upside Kingdom.