This week we head to the rugged and hospitable Maritimes & Labrador & Newfoundland for the continuation of our ‘Coast to Coast Across Canada’ Conversation. I LOVE the Maritimes. My dad’s family is from down East and we had a family cottage for many years in Harbourville, Nova Scotia.

Every year I would drive to the cottage and explore Lunenburg, Peggy’s Cove, Halifax and even visit PEI to enjoy the beaches and the Anne of Green Gables play. Such wonderful, fond memories are attached to the Maritimes. WHICH was why I so loved listening to Dawn, Kimberley, Marg and Joanna as we chatted about the people of the Maritimes, their hospitality and warmth, how they love their neighbours and how Jesus encourages them even when it seems that the rest of Canada has forgotten them! It’s a really good show .. that will give you all the warm fuzzy’s and will inspire you to visit for the first time OR again ‘down East.’