Yoda isn’t featured on today’s show, and unfortunately, neither is baby Yoda. BUT we are talking about leading and shaping the next generation (like Yoda) with Meisha Watson, Sandee MacGregor, Judith McCartney and Natalie Frisk. Melinda also sat down in the studio with Madeline Carroll (actor, “I Can Only Imagine,” “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” and more) and her mentor Bessie Hicks (Author and Preacher) to talk about WHY we need mentors, HOW to find them, and what it takes to make a mentoring relationship work. We also heard from Cohost and Bible teacher Joanna La Fleur with the Good Word on Hebrews 13:7 and from cohost Lisa Pak talking to second generation young women about how mentoring has impacted them. If you’ve ever wanted to be a mentor, if the idea of mentoring scares you, or if you’ve wondered how to find someone to mentor you, make sure to watch this show, and leave a comment below!