Why do we struggle with loving our neighbours?
Why is it so hard for us to make room for grace for those around us?
Why can’t we seem to find common ground with others?
Why is loving God easier (sometimes) then loving those in need?
How can we help ensure a Hunger Free world?

Well … these are the questions that we discuss today on World Food Day with our special guest, Leanne Prescott​ from World Vision Canada, and the team at See Hear Love​.

These are not easy questions to answer .. but as we look at the scripture verse from Matthew 22:36-39 that calls us to LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS .. everything begins to make sense.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea or kale smoothie .. and JOIN US around the kitchen table for this beautiful conversation!




Join Host Melinda Estabrooks, the See Hear Love Team and Special Guest Leanne Prescott, from World Vision Canada, as they celebrate World Food Day.  As they meet around the kitchen table – they discuss loving your neighbour, what it means to live a transformative life, how to step into someone else’s shoes, how to Love God and Love others, and how to ensure that one day we can have a #HungerFree world! A show you won’t want to miss!