Tryphena grew up as a second generation immigrant in Toronto, where she was surrounded by good food and people from every walk of life. It’s no surprise that people feeling known and loved is the ethos by which she desires to live her life today. That life has changed a lot over the years as she studied sociology and education, taught elementary school, was home with her littles, and served in various local churches. All of those experiences have deepened her passion to see individuals walk in freedom and be able to bring their whole, authentic self into every facet of their life, especially when it comes to racial identity. Tryphena and her husband, Marc currently live in Guelph, Ontario where they have the privilege of serving their local church and exploring cute ice cream shops with their two effervescent littles. Tryphena can often be found with a book in her hand, enjoying the glory that is chocolate, and laughing loudly with the people she loves.