Art has been serving as a Campus Chaplain with University Campus Ministries (UCM) in Calgary for over 15 years, currently with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). UCM’s mission statement goals are to be “Relationally mentoring and equipping university students as they serve Jesus on their campuses in their cities and around the world.” However, the deeper involvement into the institution goes far beyond connecting with Christians.  He is humbled by the many opportunities to represent Jesus to people, staff and faculty too, of varied faiths and non-faiths that has given them mutually life-changing moments. Art currently runs a weekly dialogue for the Interfaith Centre at SAIT called Interfaith Interface where he gets to delve into a host of political, religious and current affairs issues as the Interfaith Liaison for the Centre. He also advises and mentors the Christian students club on campus called IGNItE Christian Fellowship that he helped organize and facilitate when a hole emerged among Christian Student clubs in 2017. Art’s wife, Corina, has been helping him mentor the IGNItE Women’s Group called Hot Tamales and his son Evan is a 3rd year Kinesiology and Education student at the University of Calgary where he’s also involved with UCM on that campus.