We all have dreams growing up. I wanted to have 5 kids and name them all after my family members, there was a lassie dog involved, a horse and a farm. I wanted to be an orthodontist… or a model. I’m not sure what show I would have been watching when those two careers made it onto the front page of my diary at the age of 11 but here we are. I don’t have kids yet, a dog, I don’t live on a farm and I certainly didn’t become and orthodontist or a model.

As I got older my dreams changed. I didn’t want to have kids, I lived in a condo downtown Toronto (furthest thing from a farm) and I was pursuing a life in pop music.

And now, here I am. Praying about/for children, living in the suburbs and in full time ministry. I’m reminded of this verse in Proverbs 19 that says, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” We all have plans but it’s not until we get ourselves into the quiet still presence of God that we’re able to listen to where the Lord is actually leading us. I knew God was calling me into ministry for many years but I kept myself so busy and so distracted, I wasn’t allowing myself to hear where God was trying to lead me. When we’re in the presence of God that is where we find your identity. God loves you, and while he cares what you do with your life, he cares more about the person you are becoming in his presence. Your heart and character matter – He never wants you to feel like you have to perform for him or do things to win his approval or affection. The bible tells us that regardless of what we’ve done, God chooses us every single day. One of my favourite verses found in Deuteronomy says, “God chose you out of all the people here on earth as his personal cherished treasure.” I pray you would lean into that love and affection, being reminded that when we operate from that place, great things happen!

It’s hard to understand the plans God has for us when we are so inwardly focused but when we turn our eyes to Jesus we invite him into our life which allows him to speak purpose into our dreams and future. You are unique, only you can do what God has called you to do – I know in this day in age with social media so easily at our fingertips, it’s easy to see and feel jealous of what others are doing and accomplishing. But don’t miss out on where God is trying to bring you because you’re eyes are on others successes rather than on Jesus. Eyes up and hearts open, God wants all your attention – ask him where he wants to lead you and use you today as he unravels his perfect plans for your life. xx