I LOVE women empowerment events, especially if they include women coming together to worship Jesus. I love hearing women share their stories of strength, transformation, and growth. I love meeting new women and being challenged and encouraged at the same time.

But the most lasting and impactful moments I have had with women were not in large gatherings or while gazing at a stage. It was in intimate and intentional communities.

 Now we live in a highly individualistic culture. One that declares self-care as a solution to every issue and constantly reminds us to center our needs and care for ourselves before anyone else. 

As a result, we have witnessed the beautiful impacts this has had on women’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. Women who are creating balance in their lives, changing generational patterns and the narrative of what a woman can and cannot do.

But self-care sometimes acts as a temporary fix as it addresses societal factors that no amount of self-care or women empowerment events can fix. 

This is where community care steps in.

Community care acknowledges that our well-being is a reflection of the systems we are in and limitations exist depending on who we are in that system, a concept rooted in Social determinants of health

Although there are many organizations and faith-based groups who are striving to make systemic changes, we need to ask ourselves, what can we do within the communities we belong to?

We are created to be in community with others. We need each other. A global study over an 85 year period indicated that “positive relationships keep us happier, healthier and live longer.”

So let’s commit to being the hands and feet of Jesus and  become compassionate women. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to start:

  • Take the initiative to be there for others, instead of asking or waiting to be asked
  • Practice having small talk with a stranger 
  • Show love by engaging in behaviour you normally reserve for your closest friends
  • Create an informal community by starting a book club, connect group or scheduled meet-ups with those in close proximity to you

 May we stop waiting to be invited but with boldness step out and create community.

May we open our hearts and foster new relationships. 

May we make a commitment to creating space and invite women to the table.

Your service to others is an act of worship.