The phrase loving your neighbour is common in the church. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbour, so we know this is important.

People have been going through a lot. People are hurting. People are in pain. In this season we’re learning how to love people more than ever.

I am struck how Jesus treats the woman caught in adultery.  I see Jesus do a few things that we can glean from in a time of unrest and hurt. He doesn’t shame her for her mistakes. He gets on her level and speaks truth and grace. He gets in the dirt and ignores the religious people who wanted to shame. As they leave he tells the woman that she’s not condemned and calls her to live a life free of sin. The love of Jesus is what changes her.

I want to listen to the experiences and realities of people. I also want to speak and use my voice. I want to speak out the way Jesus did to the religious people. He didn’t let injustice take place. He made those around him aware of where he stood and he wasn’t worried about the politics of this.

I will say black lives matter. I will take a stand and learn how I can be an ally. I will speak love to a world so full of brokenness that can no longer hide.

I believe loving our neighbour is listening, learning, speaking up and continuing to demonstrate the love that Jesus has for humanity. Loving our neighbours can change the world, that’s why Jesus commanded it. It’s powerful and more than ever we need to live this out!