The Cross: An Irreligious Statement

I am beyond pumped for this week on See Hear Love. Bruxy Cavey is our guest and he will absolutely blow you away. He is a teaching pastor from The Meeting House and is one of my favourite speakers…and I only just met him!

Let’s start with this:

‘Recalibrate your thinking of Easter by acknowledging Jesus as the revolutionary who turned religion on its head. He came as the Jewish Messiah to shut down the Jewish religion.’

I mean…I can stop my writing right there. I think that gives you enough to chew on for a week.

This week is Holy Week – the week before Easter. It’s not just about egg hunts and bonnets, it’s about The Cross. Bruxy opened my eyes to see how the Cross becomes an irreligious statement once we acknowledge who Jesus was. It’s about love, not about law.

I love when people blow the top off religion. The reason? I, myself, am a victim of ‘doing all the right things’ but not really knowing God until it actually all unraveled for me. It wasn’t until my life fell apart and I was at my lowest point that I met Jesus – truly met Jesus. He came to lay beside me and cry with me when I was at my worst. He whispered, ‘I know your pain and I promise you, it won’t be wasted.’ This was a far cry from the ‘high and mighty’ view I had of Jesus before this moment.

Easter now has a true meaning and Bruxy will hopefully help you get there yourself. The cross is a symbol of Jesus relating to us, to our pain. Before we ever felt any of it, He did. So never think that God is mad at you for your life falling apart, or that you need to clean yourself up before coming to Him. Quite often, we meet Jesus and relate to him most when are our ugliest.

When I look at the Cross, I can’t help but get emotional. I realize that the pain I so desperately tried to run from, Jesus chose. He chose to endure it for me and for you. So that we could relate to Him, so that we could run to Him & freely be loved, so that there would be absolutely no blockages from us knowing Him.

Thank you Jesus. Stay with us this week as we continue to learn more.