In American churches, there tends to be an overemphasis on constructing a Pauline-dependant faith rather than a Christ-centred faith. We love referencing and speaking about Paul. We hone into things he said as if he wasn’t a real person. Here was an apostle who was a human being just like us, following the standard but recognizing that he was not the standard. We emphasize the insights into his will and his determination over his full journey with Christ. We often don’t take into account that Paul wrote that he didn’t want to be disqualified for the prize after he preached to others. (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). He was sure that Jesus is Lord and Savior, but he wasn’t sure of himself. As a matter of fact, he even said that he wouldn’t pass judgement on himself (1 Corinthians 4:3-4)

We don’t read Paul in humanity and vulnerability. We say, “Well, if Paul powered through, I can power through myself. I can do all things through Christ, right?” We take these statements to be self-righteous manifestos when really they’re self-depreciating manifestos. Paul was declaring that he didn’t have what it took to be capable on his own. He was telling us that he didn’t have what it takes! He was unashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God, not because he was that guy. It’s not about us being able to do all things; it’s about God being the source of every good thing. 


Excerpt from I Am Restored by Lecrae

(Chapter 7 page 127-128)

Taken from I Am Restored by Lecrae Copyright © 2020 by Zondervan. Used by permission of Zondervan.