There was SO much packed into this episode with Steph McCabe. I felt like I had a week’s worth to process from the 25 minutes we spent chatting.

One of the biggest things that stuck with me from our talk was her comment about how ‘being rooted is required to grow’ and how our generation is so transient that this doesn’t happen. You don’t know this but while we were filming this episode, I was dealing with some stuff. Questions like, ‘Do I stay? Do I go?’ regarding more than one area in my life. If the camera had been on me while she was talking, you would have seen my face change as I stared off into the distance lost in my thoughts, and honestly, my conviction from her words. You also would have seen me squirm a bit in my seat.

Just being real here.

After the show, I actually caught a plane back home to BC for a week with my family. While I was there, at the church I grew up in, a friend prayed with me. A few years back, this same woman gave me a word of ‘being like a strong tree with solid roots.’ After Steph’s comment on set, I could not get this out of my head. So, I when I asked her for prayer, she knew the exact word she had given me.

After her prayer, I could tell she didn’t seem ‘satisfied’ and was waiting for God to show her more. She came up to me a few minutes later and said, ‘I just feel strongly that your ‘roots’ aren’t dependant on location. I feel that your roots are based in relationships and in your love of God. I see you with your clipped wings now fully restored and you are going places. You have a ministry that isn’t specific to one place. Just remember that you always have a home and that your relationship with God is where you need to stay rooted.’

This gave me peace and frustration because it also didn’t give me any answers to my specific questions. What it did do, however, is remind me that I can go nowhere if I am not grounded with God. This isn’t something that happens naturally and sometimes not even easily. It requires a LOT of discipline for me to get to my bible in the mornings and even to set time aside to journal. That is how, though, I find myself growing closer to my Heavenly Father. How I hear His voice above all else.

Along with this, relationships were spoken as a part of that. It is vital, no matter where I go, to plug myself into a church community and build relationships. Not fleeting ones, but real, authentic ones as Steph talks about.

There is so much wisdom shared in this episode. If you haven’t yet, GO! Watch it now. I promise you will be glad you did.