Overcoming is in the spiritual DNA of God’s people.

From the moment that Adam and Eve were exiled out of the Garden of Eden, there was toil and suffering but there was also the promise of victory. God’s children will overcome in the end. When you read the great narratives of the Bible—the Old Testament patriarchs, the Historical Books, the Major and Minor Prophets, the Gospels and the Books of Acts—God’s people are subject to all the sufferings, calamities, and troubles that are common to mankind. There is family dysfunction, exile, murder, sickness, betrayal, poverty, hunger, tragic loss, national crises, war, famine, plague, depression, embezzlement, deceit and the list goes on.

And then, in those moments when God’s people turn to Him, whether the King of the United Monarchy or an unnamed woman accused of adultery and brought before Jesus, they overcome.

Literally by the grace and mercy of God, His people overcome.

Laila Biali’s story of overcoming is as unique as her voice and yet, of the same vein. From the car accident that almost robbed her of her love of music to the rejections and closed doors that seemed to plague the beginnings of her career, she sat with us, new album and still on the journey, to share with us about God’s faithfulness!

What a testimony!

For me, what stands out as a common thread is resilience.

As tough as life can get, endure, persevere, don’t let that moment break you forever. We break momentarily because it hurts, so cry and mourn but don’t stay there. Truly, these moments of failure, rejection, hurt and pain, in God’s hand and as we move through the pain with Him, galvanize to become a platform for us to reach a higher spiritual ground. Pain moves us past a threshold. And our pain, in His healing hands, also become testimonies of His grace to encourage others who may one day find themselves in a similar place.

So, Daughters of God and Sisters in Christ, praying always, find your strength in Him.

This moment shall pass, you will be victorious. May God fortify our hearts and broaden our shoulders in His grace and for His glory.