As an everyday woman, the busyness of life often distracts me,  my mind is usually racing from the moment I wake up to accomplish the many tasks on my to-do list.  One of the greatest life lessons I am learning is how to be still before God (Psalm 46:10).  In these quiet moments, I get glimpses of the heart of God and recognize that my calling and purpose is greater than myself.  In the stillness, He draws me and reveals ways of serving Him and others.

God called me in my 20’s to open up my home to youth in need.  I took steps of faith having no clue what it meant to be a parent. I made lots of mistakes however, in the process, I learned how to love and provide a family to those who didn’t have one. Lives changed and transformed by God’s love and His word was the fuel and passion to move forward.

During those early years, I never imagined that down the road I would be starting up my own non-profit ‘Genesis Village of Hope” to build supportive housing for at-risk youth. I never imagined that God would bless me with land and have me in meetings with politicians and municipalities but God had His way as I took steps of faith.

Our Heavenly Father, doesn’t always show us the process or the final destination He often just shows us the next step.  He asks for simple obedience which wasn’t always easy for me.

Orrin Woodward, in his book ‘Resolved’, talks about purpose and illustrates it in a way I love.  Purpose is described as the place potential, passion and profit meet.

The journey of pursuing my purpose had many discouragements, rejections, illnesses, and numerous storms along the way. However, God is the master weaver and taught me crucial lessons about prioritizing my relationship with Him, followed by my relationship with my husband. He also taught me the power of gratitude, prayer, living in the now and trusting His process.

I encourage you to seek Him. He will direct your path and lead you to your calling and purpose!  Proverbs 3:5-6

Niluka Williams-Johnson, Founder of Genesis Village of Hope, which provides innovative, permanent, supportive housing to Ontario’s most vulnerable youth.