I wrote a Christmas song a few years ago called “Saviour Of The World”. I sat at my piano and mentally placed myself in the Christmas story; I wondered what if would feel like to be waiting the arrival of the Messiah – I could smell the stable, hear the people scurrying around waiting for love to be born. I started to cry – all the emotions I felt welt up inside of me and led me to weep. That night I wrote:

‘Lift up a hallelujah, a King born in a stable.

The greatest joy is among us: Saviour of the world.

Lay every gift before Him; Shepherds, Angels and Wisemen.

Lift up a Hallelujah; Saviour of the world.’

Could you imagine the hope that lingered in the air the night before Christ was born and all the joy that the people must have felt!? This was the day Love was born! This was the day that everything changed and God gave us the greatest gift of all!

The word love means, “an intense feeling of deep affection.’

This intense feeling and deep affection is transformative – This love that was born in a manger over 2000 years ago changed my life and has the power to change the lives across the world today: including yours. God’s love leads us to repentance which leads us to a life transformed by the Holy Spirit.  His love has changed the way I love others, the way I speak, think and is the motive behind every thing I do.

In all the hustle and bustle or this season it’s easy to fill our hearts with all the “things”, we tend to be running in every direction and miss the peace His presence brings and the love He is so generously offering us.

Take a moment to take in peace and love of Immanuel—God with us. His presence in our lives is a gift and we have access to that gift all year around.  

May the love of the Father, a love that was born in a stable, a love like nothing else this world can offer – fill your hearts this season like never before!