As a takeover guest host on See Hear Love, I led a conversation with an all male panel consisting of a Pastor (Bruxy Cavey), Priest (Rev. Chris Lee), and Professor (Dr. Narry Santos). My mission was to find answers to the question, “Where are all the Christian men?”. 

This was not the original episode that I wanted to produce. Initially, I wanted to put together a blind date for a single Christian woman live on TV. Unfortunately, that plan fell through when we couldn’t find a single Christian man to match her with. As a result, I had to learn to pivot multiple times in order to produce the final episode we created. 

As a newbie TV host, I also had to learn how to pivot through multiple moving pieces such as: scriptwriting, teleprompter reading, listening for cues, interviewing guests, and following stage directions. Pivoting however, was not just a lesson limited to TV. 

Learning to pivot has been a theme throughout life during the Covid pandemic in 2020 and into 2021. Prior to the neverending Ontario lockdowns, my life had a sense of cadence and rhythm. Like many people, I experienced moments of disorientation and discouragement. Pivoting has 

taught me how to turn adversity into opportunity. Without pivoting and the encouragement of my wife Jenn, then I wouldn’t have even tried out as a guest host on a women’s talk show. 

If you are currently in a difficult situation or circumstance, then I just encourage you to take a step back and prayerfully discern through new possibilities for you to pivot.