Some leaders love a good crisis! The number of times I have paused in the last 8 months and wished that I was one of those leaders who loved the thrill of a crisis are too many to count.  This has been a phenomenal season of learning for me, one that starts each day with the realization that leadership is an act of the will. It is a choice that I must make every day to be intentional, to understand the needs of those on my team and to commit to helping them be their best.  My confidence each morning that I will do this brilliantly is equal to my confidence that I will make it through the day without eating Ruffles chips. The variable that often decides whether I will succeed or not is how well I have structured my time. On a well structured day, I have time built in to stop and reflect on a few critical questions and most importantly, respond!

Do I feel that the team is aligned?

When there is a lack of understanding of priorities, it creates frustration and impacts productivity. Taking a few minutes to bring people together to clearly communicate vision and expectations makes a significant impact.

Is everyone on the team engaged?

Isolation and loneliness is a reality many are facing.  Checking in with people and asking how they are doing and how can we best support them is an essential conversation that needs to happen regularly.

Where do I need support?

Loneliness and fear is not something only experienced by team members, it is something that I struggle with too.  Taking time to connect and learn from others has become a lifeline, and I am so thankful for those who have taken the time to build into me.


Leadership is an act of the will!I hope today will be an intentional day for all of us to help others be their best!