I love the movie White Christmas for many reasons. Partly for its reminder of old Hollywood, but more for its reminder that some of the simplest things in life can bring one joy. With songs reminding us to count our blessings, enjoying dance or even hoping for a snowy Christmas, this movie is filled with little moments of joy that are embraced from the mundanity of life.

And that’s my hope. Find joy and beauty in the mundane and ordinary.

Amidst its chaotic nature of Christmas parties and concerts, finishing exams and papers, or franticly attempting to finish our shopping (or in my case, just starting to think about gifts), we try to connect with others and remember our human connections we have with friends and family and strangers alike. It can be beautiful to find joy in these times.

I acknowledge that for some this season is hard. Where loneliness and isolation become more apparent. Where we feel less than or not good enough. Where broken relationships re-trigger our emotional and mental states. These are some of the hardest places to find joy, but there is a joy we get to celebrate. A joy in the birth of Christ. In the birth of renewed hope and a joy in the simple things, the little things.

So, this holiday season and beyond… no matter where you are at in life, seek out joyful moments. Find the thrill of a snowfall with some hot cocoa. Spend time with people and be present with them. Enjoy laughter and food. Find joy in a warm place that feels safe and comforting. Remember to count your blessings. Find ways to share your light with others. Curl up with a blanket or a good book. Relax and rest in silence or in the sounds of little feet running around. And dream of how you can care for others around you. And if none of that works for you, remember to just dance because The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing.

Nathan Uttangi
Nathan Uttangi is an Associate Pastor at Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC. He has developed a strong passion for building healthy communities of people. And through the creative arts and personal reflections, he hopes to help create safe vulnerable places for everyone to find healing and rest as they journey through life.