What does peace feel like? What does peace look like?

The rapid pace of change has become such regular part of life that, despite our best intentions, the hours of our day are maxed out before we know it and we’re still trying to cram in more activities, meetings, events, coffees and phone calls into every nook and cranny of our schedules. This kind of frenetic lifestyle literally doesn’t give us time to pause—temporally, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually—to have a moment of true, stabilizing, focusing, soul-galvanizing Peace. The kind of Peace that undergirds our life with assurance and courage and rids us of anxiety and fear. (John 14:27)

Our guest, Tryphena Perumalla-Gagnon, shared an intriguing proposition that Peace is the presence of a Person: the Person of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). From His birth until His death, throughout His ministry and after His Resurrection, one consistent message to God’s people has been to not fear, be at peace. This is perfectly captured in the poignant moment when Jesus is found sleeping in the cargo hold of a ship during a fierce storm. His disciples fret, Jesus declares, “Be still.” (Mark 4:39)

Biblical Peace, i.e. true Peace, is part of the Fruit of the Spirit. It grows as we live in step with the Spirit, as we mature in both our knowledge of and faith in Jesus Christ. A person who knows true peace in the Person of Christ is unshaken by the circumstances of life and certain of the promises of God through Christ Jesus.

So indeed, what does peace feel like? You will feel it in the Presence of Christ. What does it look like? Externally, well, maybe not that much different from other people. Internally, it looks like you becoming like Him.