When God looked down on from heaven and made women – what on earth was He thinking

Seriously what did He have in mind for our identity and purpose? 

God made us for relationship with Him, to be transformed in by knowing him. But He didn’t stop there.  He also made us represent Him in the world. He didn’t give us gifts, talents, visions and dreams by accident. He designed us this way that so that we join in his redemptive purpose in the world.

 Women have historically been the foot soldiers of the church. They’re often the church’s invisible community leaders. They build ministries, populate volunteer teams and mission fields, launch nonprofits. Beyond the walls or the church their influence infuses the home, the impacts the corporate world, shapes education, the media and more. Like men, women have a significant God shaped contribution to make in society.

But they don’t always know it.

I’ve had countless conversations with brilliant gifted women who are frustrated and conflicted about their calling. They wrestle with impostor syndrome and self-doubt.  They feel lonely and unseen, even overlooked. They long for investment and help to become the leaders God called them to be. But they couldn’t find mentors and see no clear path ahead for their leadership.

Ever been there?

What do we miss out on when women aren’t empowered to rise into their calling?

Churches not planted. Ministries not started.

Books not written. Scientific discoveries not made. 

Homes left unsupported. Business ideas left hidden in journals.  

And more.

But if there was ever was a time for women to rise up and impact their world, it’s now.

Now’s the time to see what hold us back, heal and get free. 

Now’s the time to own your voice and step into your influence. 

Now’s the time to be equipped with tools that will transform your journey

Not sure where to start? No worries – this is what Melinda and I will be talking about each month this season, and I cannot wait!


Sisters, let’s get ready to rise.