I hate unexpected surprises. I get anxious when things are not planned. I love a plan that runs accordingly. I feel the most at peace when I know how my day will go and that each thing on the “to-do” list is checked off. I am uncomfortable with spontaneity and my least favourite statement from Siri is “rerouting.” At 19 years old, when I thought I was “on track,” and in complete control of my life, I had a supernatural encounter in this natural world of the living. I collided with Jesus. It caused an upset in my life like no other, an unexpected detour. I wasn’t looking for it, I actually was quite confident that I had figured out the entire trajectory for my life. Working for the government, I was going to continue that while finishing a law degree and end up doing some great justice work with the United Nations. I was all about helping people yet surprisingly, I found myself on my knees, metaphorically, at the foot of the cross of Jesus, asking Him to help me.

I confessed my deepest, darkest secrets. I sensed he just wanted my friendship and to be included in my life. I began to devour his teachings and learn how to apply them to my life.

The rerouting caused me to experience a deep healing of my body, mind and soul. I learnt that if I gave him my pain, my shame, my dishonour He would exchange that for joy, a double portion of honour and beauty for ashes. (Isaiah 61).

I’m continually in awe of the Master Designer and I’m eternally grateful for the detour.