David Kinnaman’s recent book (Faith for Exiles) provokes and challenges us to understand and confront what’s going wrong and right when it comes to Christianity and the emerging generation of millennials. It’s not an easy topic, but it’s such a fundamental one to be discussed and addressed in our days.

If the exodus or exile of today’s youth is a crisis for the church, it’s one that demands a crisis response – a response that challenges the way that we do church. The church has fallen prey to the desire for comfort. That comfort is not possible anymore. There’s a whole generation that has told us and shown us that they aren’t interested in Sunday morning religion.

The millennials are right here and crying out loud for a cause to live for that goes beyond the boundaries of a mere religion. They crave authentic and meaningful relationships. And the best news is that Jesus offers this relationship in its fullest. Now, we gotta be real and simply allow God to reveal who He is to this next generation. Not our cookie cutter programs, not our formal handbook of DO’s and Don’ts. Not our shallow answers to questions of life and society.  This emerging generation, as all the previous ones, need a real, sincere and powerful encounter with the Author of Life. Once we experience intimacy with Jesus Christ, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Him and have our lives completely changed by Him.

Lucas Prado, pastor of Sanctus Church, Pickering